No. 38

“Screw Breaker (English title: Drill Dozer),”
a new, exciting action game from Game Freak,
was unveiled!! is also launched.ツ? Please visit there!
After it goes on sale, the site will be updated often.

Well, it’s been a long time…
since we last developed something other than Pokemon.
It’s very hard, but I think it important to create
a new breeze, a new wave.
With “Screw Breaker,” we took new challenges.

For your information, the director of this game is
Mr. Sugimori, and Mr. Yoshida took charge of character design.

From the beginning, Game Freak have been good at
creating action games such as “Quinty” and “Pulseman,”
so I can recommend “Screw Breaker” with confidence.
Also, with what we learned from developing Pokemon and
thereafter, I think we’ve made it easier to understand
than most other action games out there.
For many reasons, this is a title that I would heartily
recommend to many types of players.
Expect a great fun from playing it.

See ya!

No. 37

Last week, I went to E3 game show in LA!

Overwhelmed by a huge number of
games showcased in the gigantic hall, I felt the
intense competition among new hardware
machines like the “Revolution,” the “XBOX 360,”
and the “PS3.”
Hoping that the future of gaming will not
be determined only by technological capabilities
of hardware, I took time to enjoy myself visiting
many booths in the hall.

I think it’s a good thing that video games become
multifaceted and diversified as video games gain
mainstream recognition. There are players who
are into the beauty of the screen image, and also
who are into the fun aspect of game playing.

But at the same time,
I hope that hardware too will mature in such a way
that we can choose between a high-spec machine
and a low-spec machine for which development is not
so difficult and is easy to play.

If not,
it will be harder to create a groundbreaking game,
and the market will be filled only by games that
simulate the real world.

Because, when you keep searching for what makes it fun
to play in a game, and thereby simplifying it, the hardware
capabilities become of secondary importance.

See ya.