No. 54

I visited Pokepark on its last day,
September 25th.
It was such a nice day, with the weather clearing up,
not too cold, not too hot.
But, as it was the final day, both the staff and
the guests seemed to have a somewhat different

Then, with the sundown, the farewell party began.
First, the audience all practiced the dance for
the Pokepark theme song along with the female
members of Team Aqua and Team Magma.

Kids from 5 to 10 years old seemed to enjoy
learning the dance with smiles on their faces.
They were all very good at it.

Then Team Rocket came on the stage, and
everyone got so excited when they started to sing.
The floor got even more excited with the appearance
of Ms. Rika Matsumoto (voice actor of Satoshi
in TV animation, <English name: Ash>).

And then, 15 Pokemon, such as Lucario, Plusle,
Minun, Delibird, Slowking, Mudkip, Groudon (huge),
Pikachu (5 of them) appeared on the stage.
It was spectacular. They danced and danced.
They danced their hearts out,
and they were really good at it.
I was deeply moved.

This stage show was of very high quality and
I really enjoyed myself.
It was great to have a sense of togetherness
with the audience. Really, it was awesome.

I also felt that both Pokepark and this show
displayed a new possibility of Pokemon.

Even in such a short period of time as 6 months,
we received more than 4 million guests to Pokepark.
I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to those
who visited there.
Everyone, thank you very much.

We will keep on challenging new possibilities.

See ya.

No. 53

Everyone, the long wait is now over!

Software for Game Boy Advance

“Screw Breaker (English name: Drill Dozer)”

is finally rolled out today, September 22nd, 2005!!!

It has been a while since Game Freak
developed an action game!!
It features the Rumble Pak and also
comes with a 5 page comic by Ken Sugimori.
This comic will explain the story of “Screw Breaker!”

We created this game with as much passion
as we had when we made Pokemon!
We at Game Freak are all very proud to
present you this new game!!

Please go buy a copy!

Ciao! (Now I’m going to a game store!)

No. 52

Don’t you agree that it’s cool to have lots of
TV monitors in front of you?

At work, I have my Mac connected to 3 monitors,
but it will be much sleeker if there are
a lot more monitors.

But, too many of them may be hard to use,
so I need to come up with a functional way to
use lots of monitors.
For that, I think it’s nice to have 2 more monitors,
both of which feature a touch panel.

When I picture myself working in such an environment,
with lights turned off, I think it’s pretty cool.

It will be even more elegant if I was typing
the keyboard gently and softly, as if I was
playing a beautiful melody on a musical keyboard.

A bare space and a space with lots of cables and machines.
If I can have both, I can relax myself in a true
sense of the word. Or so I think.
Both are cool spaces to me.

Women seem to pursue what is pretty, not only
in the ways they dress but in other ways too,
but I don’t think many men are into pursuing
what’s cool to them.
We men need to pursue coolness more and more.

Oh, I almost forgot.
JR (Japan Railway) East’s Suica
(a contactless electronic rail pass system)

Every time I pass the gate using Suica,
I can’t help feeling ‘Oh, how cool am I?’
It’s a wonderful system, isn’t it?
I think it’s a very good technical design which
succeeds in producing a sophisticated ambience.

It’s fun to look for such devices and mechanisms that
make you feel it’s cool.

See ya.