‘Welcome! This is the Global Trade
Station, or GTS for short.’
GTS starts with above message by the lady
at the counter.

I have a confident that the player will sure
to trade their Pokemon at least once with this GTS system.
However, I wondered how we could make the trade
number of times…
Not only domestic, but overseas trading,
especially the people you have never met.
This was the big theme of creating GTS in
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

I believe high game playability means,
to make the game fun playing many times repeartedly.
Same as this GTS.

So we considered the following contents.
>some Pokemon’s Pokedex descriptions are written in foreign language,
>automatic mail translation,
>the location of the opponent you traded is pointed on the globe,
>country/city name is indicated when you set the cursor on the point,
>rare colored Pokemon’s Egg can be found little easier,
>Pokemon traded with different country have better growth
than the one normally traded,
Ideas like above are incorporated in the game.

It requires a very large effort to make the player
to play one certain thing.
Once the player lose the interest to the “Play”,
they will stop playing very easily.

To make the player not to get bored
(which means ‘to make the player addictive’),
it is important to set the variety of enjoyment entangled.
Even it’s a small,
if the idea’s theme is set to the right course,
it is substantial to embrace to the game.
Putting together the small pieces of fun elements,
those make the game more luxurious.

Like this GTS,
It is very important to enunciate the theme
loud and crystal clear.

See ya.