Today, Wednesday July 31st; 10:00AM.
At this time, for the first time, Game Freak published its own game.


It’s a new kind of mix of solitaire and horse racing.

The game isn’t an action game, or a simulation game.

You play a round of solitaire, and the results are reflected in the following horse race.
If your round of solitaire goes well, your horse will gallop skillfully.

The game of solitaire is well known for being an open-ended sort of game to pass the time.
But in ‘Solitiba’, there’s a definite objective. This game is based on a new type of solitaire.

A strain developed by Game Freak.

Please give the game a try!

Official Home Page:

Promotion Video:


*This game is playable only for Japanese 3DS hardware.