I’ve been wanted to ride that train for a long time… and…
I finally made it!!!

The finest train which Japan proud to the world,
bullet train(shinkansen) “N700″!!

I took a bullet train “700″ for many times,
but I never had a chance to ride on the “N700″.
My dream became into reality!

So exciting!!
Taking a pictures with my cell phone!

117a2.jpg 117b2.jpg 117c2.jpg


Oh, the reason why I had a chance to ride on the “N700″ is,
because I visited Nintendo for business trip.
Therefore the bullet train I took was,
from Kyoto bound for Tokyo.

It seems like the last train of the day always will be “N700″…
Ok, let’s take this last train everytime I have a business tirp to Kyoto.
Hmm… probably not.

Well, it was impressive.
Especially, the conception of not reducing velocity by
inclining car body.
This idea may came up especially in Japan,
because we have a great numbers of curves. Most impressive!

It was super cool!

For more details, please check the following website
about the bullet train “N700″!!

See ya.


On November 16th and 17th, I visited Niigata prefecture!
I attended few event programs at Toki Messe.
Everybody in Niigata was very kind and it was a great fun.
Thank you very much!

I also would like to thank to the people who came to see me.
I deeply appreciate your visit.
Thank you again.

I was surrounded by many professors and felt myself trivial…
From now on, I’ll try my best to be called the specialist of “PLAY”.

The temperature is dropping rapidly and
there are lot of snow in Niigata.
But, I am willing to visit Niigata again for…
excellent Japanese sake,
tasty rice,
delicious eatable flower(chrysanthemum),
shrimp and raw fish!

See ya.


The “Universe” is completed!

Our dream, the whole Game Freak staff working on the same floor
have finally achieved!!
The development power will be more increasing!!

What I thought, the most important thing is
to set our office space for creating ideas.

Our work is to create from ZERO to ONE.
I wanted to make this new office space where
easier creation for various ideas.
Therefore, the theme was decided as “Universe”…
It’s finally completed!!

Game Freak staff let me handle the majority of the
coordination of this new office…
Fortunately, it seems I received a favorably review from everybody.
It’s quite a relief.

Well, we are going to create new games
with a new way of creation
in a new office!!

Please count on our next software!!

*The following picture is the view from my desk.

See ya.


This is Masuda, last day in Las Vegas.

Today, I started from Pyramid shaped hotel, the Luxor Hotel!

Well, everywhere in Las Vegas is extremely fun place.
Not only this place is safe and secured,
but all hotels are very unique and individual.
Even souvenir shops and car rentals have their own originality.
For instance, the car rental shop which offering Lamborghini
is very fun and profound.

I was exhausted by walking all day and lastly,
I visited the Stratosphere Tower.
You can see the whole Las Vegas from top of this tower!!

Night view was just awesome!
Super pretty and beautiful!!
And… roller coasters are frightfully super…
It’s just not possible…

And I came back to the hotel just now! The time is 22:30.
I have to get up at 3:00AM tommorow morning.
I wonder I can wake up or not… ?! Stay tuned!
I’ll be returning to Japan via LA!

See ya!


Hello there!
This is Masuda in Las Vegas.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
When you communicate in the Union Room with foreign version,
your greeting word which come out first will be
translated! Such as “ciao” and “bonjour” !!
Please give it a try!

Ok, let’s move on to the next subject.
At 4:15AM, I’ve got a morning call…
At 5:00AM, I ate bacons, potatoes, scrambled eggs and breads, then…
At 5:30AM, a group meeting at the hotel’s entrance!!
Extremely sleeeeeepy zzz…

Yes, I attended the Grand Canyon tour!!
My sleepiness was simply overwhelming…
I managed to take a massive numbers of photos during
the flight and the bus trasportation to keep my drowsiness away!!
It was just impressive!!

And finally, our private plane have landed at the Grand Canyon.

The bus took me to the two best locations of Grand Canyon and
I did enjoy the tremendous landscape!!!

Phew! It was just wonderful!
It was unexpected menace than I imagined. Dynamism!
Words could not describe how great the view was.
If you have a opportunity to visit this place, please do check it out!

Realization of earth’s greatness and liveness.
I felt the power of our planet earth.

Just superb!!!!

*Currently, it’s 7PM in Japan, and 2AM here.
Whine! Just sleepy….

Good night everyone…


Hello! Masuda reporting from Las Vegas, Nevada!

Current time is 20:40!!
I am suffering from sleep deprivation from this terrible jet lag…
but forcing my eyes to open, and start playing
Slot Machine!!!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada is a place people
will be find endless entertainment.

Even the path from the hotel’s front desk to the elevator
(which leads me to my room I’m staying)
require me to walk through the casino areas!
Of course, there are no clocks in casino!
Inside of the elevator, there are no “L” mark for Lobby,
but “C” for casino!
And many many more…

They are trying their best to make guests enjoy staying.
It’s just amazing!

Las Vegas is the city formed by those with
the thoroughgoing minds.
It is necessary to consider “right & wrong”
when gambling money for “pleasure”however,
understanding these gambling structure and systems are
very interesting.

Slot machines are system programmed.
Poker is also system programmed as well.

Starting from management to operation,
every procedures is to entertain the players
and maintain their gambling interests.

“Luck”. This turnabout word may be
one of the most important factor in the world.
Therefore, it is better to understand each trap
of gambling before enjoying.

I have to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning!

See ya!


From now on, my columns will be translated into English!!

Hiro Nakamura, our Game Designer who lived abroad
for many years, will be translating my columns!

Our plans are to provide translation as carefully and discreetly as possible.
These translations will require time, and due to our busy
development schedule, updates in English may be delayed.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

I want all my readers to understand the subtle details
and nuances of my messages.
My intention is to retain the original nuances
by working Hiro on future translation.

And, here’s a message from Hiro!

Hiya! This is Hiro Nakamura. I’m a Game Designer @ GameFreak.
Although my English is far from perfect,
I hope you’ll find our English columns interesting!

Simultaneous updates will not be possible,
but I hope not only domestic,
but overseas readers will look forward to read my columns!

And one more thing!
Previous columns will also get translated into English!
Again, converting all previous columns into English require much more time,
so we will provide the contents as time progresses.
Please stay tuned for more of our “Director’s Columns”!