August 29th, 2012.
It is a special day for Game Freak.

Our motto is “Let’s make great games!”

Latest results were just announced on “Nintendo Direct”.

We are happy to introduce our brand new product !!!
The latest original game coming from Game Freak !!!
It’s finally here!

“Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight”.
*Japanese title.

Today, we made another jump! And with your support,
we will keep running with that speed !

Development Director
Junichi Masuda

You can go from GameFreak’s website top banner
to Nintendo’s “Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight” special site.
You can also read the interview, which Mr. Iwata held with
“Rhythm Hunter Harmoknight” creators.

*This software can be downloaded only for 3DS, Japanese version.


New challenge!!

We have been developing a system, which would allow us to make a new,
great games, without loosing a creative freedom.

Even so, its pretty hard to come up with something new.

in a year 2009,
We rearranged the whole structure again.
Coming up with developing system, which initially requires only three people,
and concentrates on practical part instead of complex proposals.

Why we gave up on a traditional methods?
How interesting it would be, if dodgeball or basketball games,
were just proposals submitted on paper? Not really.

We concluded, that it is much better, to have an opportunity to play and
improve an ideas in practice, from the very beginning.
It improves potential,? and creative opportunities.

Since then, GameFreak has been working in this, new unique style.

And in a year 2012,
we will announce a new software.
It is coming!
A new game from GameFreak! Other than Pokémon!
Everyone, please wait !!!


*This software can be downloaded only for 3DS, Japanese version.