It’s finally announced today!

The launch date of
North American version
Poke’mon Black and White.

Finally, we could trade our Poke’mon
with North American players.

World Championship sure will be excited.

I’m really looking forward to it.

See ya.


Hello, everyone.

It’s December 27th already…
The year 2010 will soon be over.

We proudly presented Poke’mon Black and White
this 2010.
Thanks for your support.
I really appreciated.

I have to apologize regarding PGL.

The player of one fourth is playing this PGL.
So many players in Japan…

The number was beyond our expectations.
We are so sorry.

The things will be getting better little by little.
Please count on.

By the way,
Here is my recent activities.

The other day, I visited Poke’mon Center Osaka.
We showed illustrations and ideas of Poke’mon during
the development period.
Here is my illustrations, too.

I had an interview from the magazine
called “Da Vinci.”
I’m on page 132.
This magazine is currently available,
it’s December 6th issue.
This magazine is for older reader.

And also on “Coro Coro G” comic book,
I had a special appearance with Shoko-tan.
I had Poke’mon battle with her, but I lost.

Both of them are pretty neat.

And lastly, I have a appearance on Nintendo’s special web page
called “josidaisei ga kiku.”

See ya.

The game contents PGL is available only in Japan.
The “Da Vinci” magazine and “Coro Coro G” comic book
are only available in Japan.