Previously, I wrote in this column that
I composed new music to Pocket Monsters Platinum (Japanese title).
Did you find the music out??

The answer is “Battle against Giratina.”
How do you like it?

This battle music was created based on
the anti-matter, reverse side, life and death, and sadness… with
long bodied Giratina struggling.

It’s not usual for me to comment to the music I composed,
but let’s explain a little.

This tune starts off with descend and encounter sound,
then leads to the unstable step with reversing music.
Bass drum performs broken destructive sound, and this
represents the weight and gravity of Giratina.

Hi hat cymbals with effects expresses the distort space.
Then, become quiet briefly… ghastliness.
Phrase of sorrow,
Snare drum conveys the rapid repeats to show the

Due to the distortion of both time and space,
its strain speed changes.
This continues to the terror of Giratina
and its rampage.
And to the climax.
Expresses the power of Giratina.
Then… once again took on its serenity.

The music was created with above images.

I hope you like it.

See ya.


“Pocket Monsters Platinum (Japanese title)”!
This game have achieved the fastest million copies sold
within opening 3-day in Nintendo DS history in Japan!

I’m truly delighted!
I really would like to appreciate every one of you.
Thank you very very much!

Our gratitude is already concentrated
inside of this “Platinum”.
Please do enjoy the game!

See ya!


Finally at last,
“Pocket Monsters Platinum (Japanese title)” have launched
last Saturday, September 13th in Japan.

Our development staff have spent days
with their great energy and affection
to make this game ultimate.
Please play and enjoy!

Addition to this!
Due to hectic days,
it might be little late to report…

I’ve visited Florida!

It was the first time to have the
Pokemon video game battle between Japan and US.
The battle arena was located next to the
“Card World Championships” booth.
This is the first time to have a competition
for both countries.

“Video Game Showdown 2008″
It was just awesome.

Although many incidents needed to be improved,
but this Video Game Showdown was extremely HOT
as well as Pokemon card championship!
All participants are not only knows Pokemon
but comprehend Pokemon battle very well.
Just splendid!
Each and every battle was marvelous.

The WORLD video game championship will be
held next year.
Be the region champ and climb toward the final stage
which will be held in the west coast of United States!
And aim for the top of the world!!

Please check following sight for details.