No. 32

On Sunday, February 27th, 2005,
it will mark the 9th anniversary since
the launch of Pokemon Red and Green.

Wow, time passes so fast.
I’ve been running and running and without
knowing it 9 years have passed.
That’s how it seems to me.

Since we created Pokemon, my workloads
skyrocketed, and also I was able to meet many people.
“Pokemon” expanded my personal relationships.
“Pokemon” widened my sphere of knowledge.
For me, Pokemon is a treasure.

I also did many kinds of jobs that were not my
speciality, but now I read over old papers and
documents, if I dare say so, I’m impressed how hard I worked.
But no matter what I was working at,
it was to make a better game, and it was
invaluable for keeping the world of Pokemon
alive and for expanding it.
There was never a time when I could cut corners.

As I look back I realize how much I love creating
games, and also the process of game creation
from the bottom of my heart.

Such thoughts came upon my mind. It’s been 9 years.

See ya.